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Betty said: Judy Dull’s roommates never saw her again. Just days after Judy’s disappearance her estranged husband, twenty-four year old Robert L.When Judy failed to return from the photo session, Betty called the phone number Johnny had left with her, but it wasn’t a photo studio as he’d said, it was a machine shop and nobody there had ever heard of a Johnny Glinn. Dull, was awarded custody of their daughter, Susan.Judy shared a West Hollywood apartment with two other pin-up models, Betty Carver (18), and Lynn Lykles (22) and when the unremarkable looking bespectacled man arrived to pick-up Judy for the photo shoot none of the women felt threatened by him — he even left his telephone number with Betty.Although Johnny didn’t seem scary, he did seem peculiar. County Sheriff issued an all-points bulletin for Glinn, who was described as being about 29, 5 feet 9 inches, 150 pounds, brown hair, olive complexion, wearing horn-rimmed glasses.SHIRLEY BRIDGEFORD A Sun Valley divorcee and mother of two, Shirley Ann Bridgeford (24), was reported missing in mid-March 1958.Shirley was trying to get back into dating and had joined a lonely hearts club.

JUDY DULL Nineteen year old Judy Ann Dull was just the sort of woman who wouldn’t have bothered with Harvey Glatman under any other circumstances except those in which she found herself on August 1, 1958.LORRAINE VIGIL Twenty-eight year old Lorraine Vigil had registered with a Hollywood modeling studio and was about to go out on her first job.The agency phoned to tell her that they had a client who would pick her up at her 6th Street home and take her to the studio for the shoot. When I drove off with him, I noticed that he did not turn toward Hollywood and asked him why.The grave wasn’t deep enough to deter the desert animals from tearing off bits of Judy’s flesh.Her skeletal remains would be discovered in December, but she wouldn’t be identified until months later.

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